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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Back to the Naps

Well its been a while since I did any Napoleonics trying to get some quick wins by finishing most of my Chain of Command and BloodBowl projects. Before i get cracking on more of the AB Early French for Marengo, here are a couple of WIP shots of the 28mm Front Rank french reinforcement packs - painted as the Joseph Napoleon Regiment:

These figures were a joy to paint. I only ordered 1 pack as a sample but I think I will definately order more to complete the battalion. The figures are great....I'm almost considering calling time on the 18mm and going all out on the 28mm.... I just have some tidying up and basing to do.  Then back to Marengo!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Da Evil Gitz - Goblins for Bloodbowl

Well now that the Marienburg Corsairs are done, time for some opponents for them to play against.  The Nu Orc Jetz are still on the painting table, but I also have a goblin team - "Da Evil Gitz"

Goblins in Bloodbowl are team you only play for laughs.  They aren't tough enough to mix it with the other teams (except maybe halflings) but they are devious and have access to a range of special weapons that the other teams don't have.

so without further ado, here's a test figure for Da Evil Gitz:

Для товарища Сталина! - Soviets for Chain of Command

As promised here are the first shots of the Soviets for chain of command.

First is the senior leader platoon commander

and one of the support elements for the core platoon - a flame thrower team

More to follow!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Soviets for Chain of Command - update

No pretty pictures of figures this time, but as I've not blogged for a while, I figured it is time for a short update.

most of my Soviet core platoon for Chain of Command and the supporting flame thrower team are now done.  Of the core platoon, the Platoon leader, and squads 1 and 2 are done, with half of squad 3 complete - I ran out of bases before I got to the last 5 figures!

I still have the HMG and Mortar support to complete, and have enough figures for a second flame thrower team.  Once the core platoon is done I'll order enough figs to boost the support options for both the Germans and Soviets.

Soviet Chain of Command

Core Platoon

Platoon Leader Complete

1st Squad  Complete
2nd Squad  Complete
3rd Squad half complete


Flame Thrower 1 Complete
HMG Incomplete
Mortar Incomplete
Flame thrower 2 Incomplete

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Chain of Command Germans - second attempt

Just to prove that the German core platoon for Chain of Command is done here is a second attept at posting photos. the first set were far too dark so hopefully these are clearer:

The full platoon

3 man platoon command: Leutnant - Markus Reiner

1st Squad

1st Squad Junior Leader - Obergefreiter Jurgen Tilsner

1st Squad MG42 team

1st Squad Rifle team

2nd Squad leader - Obergefreiter Herman Weiss

2nd squad MG42 team

2nd Squad rifle team

2nd Squad

3rd Squad leader - Obergefreiter Johann Behrendt

3rd squad MG42 team

3rd squad rifle team

3rd Squad

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Chain of Command Soviets

Good job I completed the bulk of the German project - Today a box arrived with some opponents, Soviets from Crusader Miniatures.  I have enough figures for the following:

Core Platoon:
1 x Officer (Senior Leader)

3 Rifle Squads each consisting of:

1 x Junior Leader with SMG
7 Riflemen
1 x LMG with 2 crew

Total Platoon strength = 31

I also have figures to build the following support elements:
1 x Maxim Machine Gun
1 x 50mm Mortar
1 x 3-man Flamethrower team

in order to track progress, here is the progress chart:

Late War Soviet Platoon

Core Platoon

Not Complete
1st Squad
Not Complete
2nd Squad
Not Complete
3rd Squad
Not Complete


Flamethrower team
Not Complete
Maxim Machine Gun
Not Complete
50mm Mortar
Not Complete

WW2 Late War German project for Chain of Command Complete!

Well, after a couple of long painting sessions, my Late War German army for Chain of Command is complete!  The force consists of the the following:

A core platoon consisting of:
Command HQ
1 x senior leader
2 man Panzershreck Team

3 Squads each consisting of
1 x Junior leader
6 man rifle team
3 man MG42 Team

Total platoon strength: 33

Support elements consisting of:
1 Mortar team
1 Tripod mounted MG42 Team

I also managed to piece together some bonus support elements:
2 man Panzershreck team
1 additional Senior Leader

In order to bulk out the support elements further, I'll probably order another infantry squad or two, another mortar and MG42 Team, a medic, a forward air observer, and probably a tank or two.... but that can wait for now.  I'm just pleased I finished the initial project.  Here is the completed progress chart:

Late War German WW2

Core Platoon

Command Complete
1st Squad Complete
2nd Squad Complete
3rd Squad Complete


Mortar Support Complete
MG42 Support Complete

Bonus Support

Senior Leader Not Completed
Panzershrek Team Complete

I'll post some pictures soon - the last set of pictures were far too dark, so i need to play around with lighting sources.