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Monday, 13 February 2017

French Progress Chart for Marengo

Here is my proposed progress chart for the French forces for Desai's Counter attack

Still some way to go....

French Forces for Marengo Scenario 


General Desaix
Not Completed

Brigade General Marmont
Not Completed
Brigade General Musnier
Not Completed
Brigade General Kellerman
Not Completed
Brigade General Gardanne
Not Completed
Brigade General Carra st Cyr
Brigade General Guenand
Not Completed

Gardanne’s Brigade

1st bttn/44th DB
Not Completed
2ND bttn/44th DB
Not Completed
Battalion 101st DB
Not Completed

Carra st. Cyr’s Brigade
1st Bttn/72nd DB
2nd Bttn/72nd DB

Guenand’s Brigade

1st Bttn/30th DB
Not Completed
2nd Bttn/30th DB
Not Completed
1st Bttn/59th DB
Not Completed
2nd Bttn/59th DB
Not Completed
3rd Bttn/59th DB
Not Completed

Musnier’s Brigade

1st Bttn/9th Legere DB
Not Completed
2nd Bttn/9th legere DB
Not Completed
3rd Bttn/9th Legere
Not Completed
1st Hussars
Not Completed

Kellerman’s brigade

Not Completed
Heavy Cavalry
Not Completed

Marmont’s Brigade

4lb Battery
Not Completed
6lb Battery
Not Completed
8lb battery
Not Completed

French Reinforcements for Marengo

Well some reinforcements for the french forces at Marengo.

first some greatcoated french to form a third battalion. I'm pretty sure there were no troops wearing greatcoats at the battle....but it does provide a quick way to get troops painted up. A half battalion done with the other half just needed to be based

Some greatcoated skirmishers.

And finally a General de Brigade

I think french horse leather was black...but as he's a brigade general I'm giving him some leeway.

Progress Chart for Blood Bowl and Chain of Command

In an effort to complete projects, I've decided to keep progress charts for my three planned projects - Blood Bowl, Marengo and Chain of Command.

As units are completed I'll fill in the chart and post pictures.  Blood Bowl and Chain of Command Progress Charts below... the Marengo chart may take me a while to put together...

Blood Bowl Project

Blood Bowl

Human Team

2 x Throwers Complete
2 x Catchers Complete
2 x Blitzers Complete
6 x Linemen Complete

Orc Team

2 x Throwers Not Started
2 x Blitzers Not Started
2 x Black Orcs Not Started
6 x Linemen Not Started

Chain of Command Project

German Late War Platoon

Command Not Started
1st Squad Not Started
2nd Squad Not Started
3rd Squad Not Started

Mortar Support Not Started
Machine Gun Support Not Started

Sunday, 12 February 2017

World War 1 German test figure

A test figure for 28mm World War 1 - "opa" Schmidt.

Generic French infantry battalion for Marengo

so onto the Napoleonics.  My plan is to do the Marengo scenarios in the "General de Brigade" scenario book.  Here is my first attempt at a Revolutionary Era french battalion. They are ok, but I rushed it a bit so I'm not too happy with them.

And a work in progress shot of the second battalion

Death Guard marine

Just before moving on to historical figures, a picture of a Heresy era Death Guard marine:

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Marienburg Corsairs

Close up shots of a couple of players:

Detlef Seirck Jr. Catcher and leader of the Marienburg Corsairs.

Hans Orf, Thrower.

Wulf Armin. Lineman.

Time to take a break from Fantasy football and focus on Historicals.....

Pictures at last!

Well finally, here is a picture of the Corsairs... a little blurry, but a picture nonetheless!

Only the bases to do now.  Comments welcome.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Marienburg Corsairs starting roster

OK while waiting for a technical issue to clear up before I can post pictures up, here is the starting roster for the Marienburg Corsairs.  Using the 12 models from the starter box I have the following:

Marienburg Corsairs:

1) Catcher: Detlef Sierck jnr.  Team Leader
2) Catcher: Joost Van Der Graaf
3) Blitzer Senyo the Southlander
4) Blitzer: "Dirty" Haraald Van Bellen
5) Thrower: Hans Orf
6) Thrower: Mattias Arabier
7) Lineman: Wulf Armin
8) Lineman: Lukas Bavaro
9) Lineman: Riker Van Bavik
10) Lineman: Luc Hervoise
11) Lineman: Yan Nicot
12) Lineman: Tomaz Boon

Pictures to follow soon... honest!

Introducing the Marienburg Corsairs

So to show progress so far, here are my first few painted miniatures for 2017.  Although I have been interested in war-games from as far back as Games Workshop's Rogue Trader days, I missed out on the original Blood Bowl Game and its subsequent editions.  In recent years I have only looked at Games Workshop games sparingly as I thought the settings were getting increasingly daft, and the rules for Warhammer 40,000 were becoming unplayable.  However, with the new edition of Blood Bowl, I was tempted by the idea of having a self contained game, and liked the new models, so made a purchase.

The Blood Bowl boxed game comes with two teams - one Human and one Orc.  I put together the Human team first, and after some thought named them the Marienburg Corsairs.  I was always a fan of the independent city-state of Marienburg in the old Warhammer world, and thought that the city-state would have the financial clout to set up a team.  With Marienburg being a major port, I thought a nautical sounding name would be appropriate, and chose the Corsairs... although the Marienburg Buccaneers or Marienburg Freebooters were close contenders.  As for team colours... well I am a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, so figured a purple, white and gold colour scheme would work well.

Now the Marienburg Corsairs are done, next up is the orc team... provisionally named the Nu Orc Jetz.  Any ideas for a colour scheme?

Welcome to the Lead Poet's Society

Well as we're now into 2017 it is time to start the blog I have been promising myself, to track progress with painting and gaming related activities.  Hopefully having a blog will encourage me to get projects done, and not get sidetracked by shiny new miniatures!

Although I have been collecting and painting miniatures for years - as far back as the old Games Workshop Rogue Trader days, I have rarely finished a project.  So my focus this year will be on the following projects:

1) Complete two teams for "Blood Bowl"
2) Complete two Platoons for "Chain of Command" - One German late war, the other to be determined.
3) Make substantial progress on the big project - Marengo in 18mm for General De Brigade.

I'll record progress here as it happens, and hopefully not get distracted... although the new Prussian, Russian and British sculpts from Front Rank are tempting.......

So welcome to the Lead Poet's Society!