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Friday, 10 February 2017

Welcome to the Lead Poet's Society

Well as we're now into 2017 it is time to start the blog I have been promising myself, to track progress with painting and gaming related activities.  Hopefully having a blog will encourage me to get projects done, and not get sidetracked by shiny new miniatures!

Although I have been collecting and painting miniatures for years - as far back as the old Games Workshop Rogue Trader days, I have rarely finished a project.  So my focus this year will be on the following projects:

1) Complete two teams for "Blood Bowl"
2) Complete two Platoons for "Chain of Command" - One German late war, the other to be determined.
3) Make substantial progress on the big project - Marengo in 18mm for General De Brigade.

I'll record progress here as it happens, and hopefully not get distracted... although the new Prussian, Russian and British sculpts from Front Rank are tempting.......

So welcome to the Lead Poet's Society!

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