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Monday, 13 February 2017

Progress Chart for Blood Bowl and Chain of Command

In an effort to complete projects, I've decided to keep progress charts for my three planned projects - Blood Bowl, Marengo and Chain of Command.

As units are completed I'll fill in the chart and post pictures.  Blood Bowl and Chain of Command Progress Charts below... the Marengo chart may take me a while to put together...

Blood Bowl Project

Blood Bowl

Human Team

2 x Throwers Complete
2 x Catchers Complete
2 x Blitzers Complete
6 x Linemen Complete

Orc Team

2 x Throwers Not Started
2 x Blitzers Not Started
2 x Black Orcs Not Started
6 x Linemen Not Started

Chain of Command Project

German Late War Platoon

Command Not Started
1st Squad Not Started
2nd Squad Not Started
3rd Squad Not Started

Mortar Support Not Started
Machine Gun Support Not Started

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