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Friday, 10 February 2017

Introducing the Marienburg Corsairs

So to show progress so far, here are my first few painted miniatures for 2017.  Although I have been interested in war-games from as far back as Games Workshop's Rogue Trader days, I missed out on the original Blood Bowl Game and its subsequent editions.  In recent years I have only looked at Games Workshop games sparingly as I thought the settings were getting increasingly daft, and the rules for Warhammer 40,000 were becoming unplayable.  However, with the new edition of Blood Bowl, I was tempted by the idea of having a self contained game, and liked the new models, so made a purchase.

The Blood Bowl boxed game comes with two teams - one Human and one Orc.  I put together the Human team first, and after some thought named them the Marienburg Corsairs.  I was always a fan of the independent city-state of Marienburg in the old Warhammer world, and thought that the city-state would have the financial clout to set up a team.  With Marienburg being a major port, I thought a nautical sounding name would be appropriate, and chose the Corsairs... although the Marienburg Buccaneers or Marienburg Freebooters were close contenders.  As for team colours... well I am a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, so figured a purple, white and gold colour scheme would work well.

Now the Marienburg Corsairs are done, next up is the orc team... provisionally named the Nu Orc Jetz.  Any ideas for a colour scheme?


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    1. yeah initially i thought green. But green orkskin and green uniforms might be a bit too Maybe do the orcsskin in brown or grey?