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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Chain of Command Germans - second attempt

Just to prove that the German core platoon for Chain of Command is done here is a second attept at posting photos. the first set were far too dark so hopefully these are clearer:

The full platoon

3 man platoon command: Leutnant - Markus Reiner

1st Squad

1st Squad Junior Leader - Obergefreiter Jurgen Tilsner

1st Squad MG42 team

1st Squad Rifle team

2nd Squad leader - Obergefreiter Herman Weiss

2nd squad MG42 team

2nd Squad rifle team

2nd Squad

3rd Squad leader - Obergefreiter Johann Behrendt

3rd squad MG42 team

3rd squad rifle team

3rd Squad


  1. Excellent job, a splendid group...and surely effective!

  2. We'll find out when i finally get around to a game