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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Chain of Command Soviets

Good job I completed the bulk of the German project - Today a box arrived with some opponents, Soviets from Crusader Miniatures.  I have enough figures for the following:

Core Platoon:
1 x Officer (Senior Leader)

3 Rifle Squads each consisting of:

1 x Junior Leader with SMG
7 Riflemen
1 x LMG with 2 crew

Total Platoon strength = 31

I also have figures to build the following support elements:
1 x Maxim Machine Gun
1 x 50mm Mortar
1 x 3-man Flamethrower team

in order to track progress, here is the progress chart:

Late War Soviet Platoon

Core Platoon

Not Complete
1st Squad
Not Complete
2nd Squad
Not Complete
3rd Squad
Not Complete


Flamethrower team
Not Complete
Maxim Machine Gun
Not Complete
50mm Mortar
Not Complete

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