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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Chain of Command German support

To support the German Core Platoon I painted up some support elements.  So far I have 1 mortar, 1 hmg and a Panzerschrek team.  I also have figures for a second Mortar and MG, an additional squad, a senior leader and a mine field.  I'm tempted by some armour as well.

So here is the Panzershreck

The Mortar

and the MG

Soviet Platoon for chain of Command done (almost)

So it's been a while since I last and life getting in the way!

But I finally got round to basing the Soviet Core Platoon for Chain of Command. I had painted them a while back but didn't base them...but here they are, bases finished.

I have only based 2 and a half squads - ran out of the last few MDF bases! So...:

1st Squad

1st Squad Sergeant

LMG team

Rifle Section

2nd Squad

LMG team

Squad leader Sgt

Half of 3rd Squad