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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

 "O" Group test 

I recently bought a number of AB 20MM WW2 German figures for use in "O" Group.  Although many players play in 15mm, I have been tempted by the AB 20MM range for a while now, so the "O" Group rules seemed like the perfect excuse.

I made a start on a few figures to test my painting skills - increasingly, I am finding that I can't paint in 15/18mm any more, even though I love the scale, but I figured 20mm would still be do-able.  

"O" group uses combat patrols as markers and this would be a good way to test my painting.  Each company gets three combat patrols  for mine I decided two figures to a 40mm round base would work.

So here is the test combat patrol:

The painting seemed to work out OK - I could perhaps put an extra highlight on the faces.

Combat Patrol 1 - 1st Company

The painting seemed to work out OK - I could perhaps put an extra highlight on the faces.  I'll finish up the other two bases for this company.  To help determine the companies I'll use a colour code on the back of the bases: Red for the 1st, Blue for the 2nd, Yellow for the 3rd and Green for any support options. 

Monday, 11 October 2021

 The Lead Poet returns....!

I decided to reactivate this blog - I had good intentions at the start of 2020 but live, work and Covid-19 got in the way and scuppered my plans to play many games.  I did some painting, and bought a lot more models...a lot more models.  So I now find myself a bit burnt out by it and have too much to build, paint and use!  But hopefully, this blog will help me get a bit of focus back.


So what is currently on my workbench?

Well, I got back into Necromunda - Goliath, Delaque and Orlock Gangs, plus some enforcers.  Also planning to build a 3x3 modular board.

Chain of Command - still a great game and I still hope to play the 29 Let's Go! campaign at some point.  I have an early war british platoon to do for the Cesar's Camp PSC.

My first Love Napoleonics - still plugging away at my 18mm Marengo forces (painted for my by battle brush studios here in Vienna).  But also getting on with some 28 Perry forces - French and British for the Peninsular but also tempted by the 1806 Prussians.

And I have bought in to "O" group in 20mm....mostly as an excuse to buy lovely AB WW2 figures. Starting off with the Germans as I figure they will be the opponents for everyone, need to decide which allied force I'll do to oppose them.

And other small scale projects to finish - Papal pike for the Renaissance, Confederates For Picketts Charge and some Vietnam figures....told you I had too many projects!   

Some lockdown work:

Early War British Adjudant