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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Quick Necromunda update

Just  a quick Necromunda update to show the blog is still running!  Although I am working on finishing my Goliath gang (including the Juve "Runt") I have almost finished my Orlock gang - the "Iron Dukes".  Only 2 more to go - one ganger and the leader.

The Iron Dukes

 Drake - Champion, Heavy Stubber

Hicks - Champion, Auto Pistol and Servo Claw

 Ganger - Crowe (Autogun) & Juve - Frost (Auto Pistol and Stub gun)

 Ganger - Hudson (Shotgun and Respirator)

 Juve - Ferro (Knife and Stub pistol)

 Ganger Dietrich (Auto Gun)

 Ganger - Apone (Auto Gun)

So only 2 more models to do and the Iron Dukes will be ready to stake their claim in the Underhive.  Then back to the Goliaths!