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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Napoleonics update

In order to make a dent in the lead pile and to make progress on the battle of Marengo project, I decided to get a couple of battalions professionally painted.  2 battalions of AB French and one of Austrians weer duly bagged up and dispatched to Battle Brush Studios here in Austria.  The figures were painted most excellently, and I'm very happy with them. As I have bought a good chunk of the Austrian forces for the scenario, maybe I will send some more over to get painted.

Anyway, here are the figures painted and initially based.  First is the 1st Battalion 47th Infantry Regiment from Austria with steel green facings.

Next is a battalion of French.  I had this one painted in generic colours so it can be used for any regiment really.   

I'll finish  the bases off later.  but many thanks to Battle Brush Studios for doing the hard work with the painting.  If you need a couple of battalions done I would certainly recommend getting him to do a few.  his website is here:

It was a great help getting someone else to paint a couple of battalions.  But I like painting myself so here is my latest work - a battalion of French for the 100 Days campaign.  This is the 2nd Battalion of the 93rd Regiment.  28mm figures this time and Perry plastics and metals rather than AB.

I just need a flag and then I am calling this unit done.  I have the 1st battalion of this regiment and the 3rd battalion of the 4th Light infantry on the painting table next.