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Monday, 21 January 2019

General De Brigade - Ligny Refight

On Saturday I got the chance to take part in my first large scale General De Brigade refight - the Battle of Ligny.  I took command of a brigade of French Light Cavalry (Lancers and Chasseurs), and spent most of the battle charging Prussian squares to little effect.  I broke one Landwehr Square, but lost the bulk of my brigade against line infantry squares - including losing my Brigadier in the first charge (he fled at the sound of the guns and was executed the next day!)

regardless it was a great game and with over 1000 figures on the table, it was an impressive sight to see.

                                         the starting positions

                                          French on the march

                                          Cavalry Melee

                                          French - thousands of them!

                                          Prussian Infantry

                                          Skirmishers to the fore!

                                          More French

                                          Prussians - thousands of ém

                                          light cavalry charging squares....never a good idea!